Boeing donates US$10 million to India for Covid-19 surge fight

Aerospace giant Boeing is donating US$10 million (INR740,960 million) to India as emergency aid to enable the country cope with its unprecedented current surge in Coivid-19 cases that topped the 400,000 mark in a single day earlier this week – a dismal world record.

Boeing is deploying the US$10 million to the areas of greatest need – in association with Indian and international relief organisations – and in consultation with Indian medical, government and public health experts.

The financial aid from Seattle-headquartered Boeing goes to charitable organisations in India providing relief, including medical supplies and emergency healthcare, to communities battling the Covid-19 caseload.

Dave Calhoun, President and CEO of Boeing. Credit: Boeing

Global health experts, as well as the Indian and the global media, have attributed the country’s current Covid-19 caseload surge squarely on the Indian prime minister and his ruling BJP party for failing to take timely and adequate measures to mitigate the spread of the killer virus among India’s 1.3-billion population, despite them receiving early warnings from medical experts.

The Boeing team in India totals 3,000 employees, in addition to local customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Dave Calhoun, President and CEO of Boeing, noted: “The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated communities across the globe, and our hearts go out to our friends in India who are going through a very difficult time.

‘Global citizen’

“Boeing is a global citizen, and in India we are directing our pandemic response to the communities most impacted by this recent surge of cases.”

Boeing’s global employees also have an opportunity to donate personally to charitable organisations supporting Covid-19 relief in India.

As part of the Boeing Gift Match programme, the company is matching monetary donations dollar for dollar, extending the reach of assistance being provided to the Indian people.

“Boeing not only stands in solidarity with the Indian people in their effort to confront this pandemic, we will be a part of the solution,” added Calhoun.

“We will continue to monitor the pandemic response in India and work to support our employees, customers, and partners through this crisis.”

Boeing’s presence in India stretches more than seven decades and encompasses the Tata-Boeing joint venture, which manufactures parts and major components for products across the enterprise portfolio.

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