New Media Academy unveils Mars themed virtual campus

New Media Academy, a Dubai government educational institution, that opened in June 2020 has unveiled the first Virtual Reality (VR) academic campus in the Middle East incorporating a self-branded space station orbiting Mars.

Tasked with providing its students a range of career-oriented educational programmes spanning digital media, the academy has deployed Engage – the proprietary immersive technology platform from globally renowned Immersive VR Education – to produce its new Mars themed virtual campus.

The VR interface allows VR visitors to descend to the Martian surface in digital avatar from a New Media Academy space station orbiting the Red Planet.

The UAE-developed Hope probe is currently studying the Martian atmosphere. Credit: MBRSC

Commenting on the unveiling of the Mars themed virtual campus, Rashid Al Awadhi, CEO of the New Media Academy, said: “Immersive technologies are shaping the learning experience of tomorrow. It is not a moment; it is a permanent movement. With the extensive set of tools that comes with immersive learning, accessibility becomes a possibility and is the next best thing to real life.”

The UAE’s Hope probe – flagship asset of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre’s Emirates Mars Mission – is currently orbiting Mars conducting a series of scientific experiments of the Martian atmosphere, while NASA’s Perseverance and the China National Space Agency’s Zhurong rovers respectively are currently on the Martian surface, also conducting various experiments.

Part of the UAE’s national space programme, the Hope probe is the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission and successfully reached Mars’ orbit on February 10, 2021, after a seven-month long, 493.5 million-kilometre journey from Earth.

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